Saturday, February 19, 2011

Journal #3 100 Things that make me happy!

Okay so here it goes in no particular order...
1)My Family
2)Clean dishes
3)A full tank of gas
4)The first cup of coffee in the morning
5)Listening to birds
6)The waves in the ocean
8)Bottles of wine with really cool pictures on them
9)Candles that smell like cupcakes
10)Tuesday Health section of the Tribune
11)My black kitty cat-Creature
13)Pens that work
14)Jake Beaumarchais
15)Day of the Dead Art
16)Other people's tattoos
17)Welcome to the Dollhouse
18)Fresh sheets on a bed
20)The color yellow
21)The sound of laughter
22)A hot bath
23)Jack Kerouac
24)Pacifico with lime
25)The smell of macadamia nut blossoms
26)Taking off on a plane
27)Getting lost
28)Laying in the sun
30)Making pico de gallo
31)The smell of sunscreen
32)My sister
33)Making Jello Shots
34)White Mocha
36)Riding my beach cruiser
37)Lawn parties
38)Purple Margaritas
40)Wearing Mexican Sombreros
41)Girl's Golf Day
42)Happy Hour
45)Green Lights
46)A Smile
47)Rob Zombie movies
50)Riding the coaster to SD
51)Palm trees
53)Going on walks
54)Text messages
55)Strawberry cheesecake pie
57)Waking up early
58)Having strange dreams that don't make sense
60)Going to shows
61)Biscuits and sausage gravy with hash browns
62)Jane Austen
63)It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
65)After dinner mints
67)Getting my homework done before it's due
68)Clocking out of work
69)When my kitty greets me home
70)Gertrude Stein
71)Painting and knowing it sucks
72)Clever insults
73)Literary quote of the day
74)Learning new things
75)Mac Computers
76)Pepper Tree
77)The smell of old books
78)Playing chase with dogs
79)Climbing trees
80)Camp fires
81)Flannel shirts
83)Russian Dolls
84)Wuthering Heights
85)Bright Table Cloths
87)The wind in my face
88)Cliff jumping
89)Bela Karolyi
90)My best friends
91)Wacky Wednesdays
92)Strange words
94)Full Moons
95)When people wear sunglasses at night or indoors
96)Watermelon hand soap
97)Toilet Paper
100)Finishing this list

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


     My name is Abby Smith and I was born in Austin, Texas.  My first memory there was running barefoot through a field of Blue Bonnet's.  But, because my parents were more of the surfer types, and less of the Little House on the Prairie fans, they had the audacity to movie my older sister and I to Palms Springs, where the closest waves around were at a water park (nice work Dad).  A few years later my Mom's parents passed away and left their house in Vista to us, situated more pleasantly west, of course, with its orange groves and macadamia nut trees, while still catching the coastal breezes.
    One of the nearest schools to us was Tri-City Christian School.  Now my parents are not religious by any stretch, no tare, of the imagination, but they somehow thought it would be a good idea to send my sister and I there.  As far as technology went at this particular school, well let's just say the word "Dos"comes to mind, and no, not like the word in Spanish.  I also became quite adept and typing on, gasp let's just say it, a typewriter.  So my educational transition into Mira Costa Community College, was a little clumsy technologically and socially, obviously.  It wasn't until college that I became more acquainted with computers.  A few years later I decided to study Literature and Writing, and transferred to UCSD where I earned my BA.  This is my first semester at Cal State San Marcos, and so far I am really excited to work on the Mac Computers here.  I feel as if I am a little behind in terms computer finesse, but I am ready and open to learn.
     The aspect of maintaining a commitment to a student centered learning in the CSUSM Mission Statement, is something that I think is really important.  Technology in the classroom is something that I think will be more relatable to students of this generation.  This is already their language, and I feel that as a prospective teacher, I need to be aware of and proficient in the different teaching methodologies made available.  Just as is it is our goal as teachers to turn students into life-long learners, it is also my responsibility to continue embrace technology and adapt to all its changes.